Welcome from our Mini Lops!!!

Looking forward to a great 2018!!


"Hannalla Mini Lops" Rabbitry is located in the Hunter Valley 2 hours from Sydney & 1/2hour from Newcastle NSW.

We originally registered with TNSWRAI & have since joined the CNRC. 

We breed & show Miniature Lops (the smallest variety of rabbit with lop ears in Australia).

Mini-lops have many qualities, making them fantastic pets and companions for children and adults who are willing to give them time, attention, love & also care for them properly and responsibly.

My bunny's are all very unique & super sweet; they have beautiful placid natures and are each from excellent pedigree show lines.

My professional aim is to produce perfect 'type' rabbits fitting all the expected and required show qualities and standards.

My personal aim is to produce perfect natured bunny's. We are very particular about getting placid, docile, gentle bunny's & put lot of work into focusing on perfect temperaments

We specialise in the following Patterns: Self, Shaded & AOC (Orange)



                                                                   Chocolate (Self)                Chocolate Butterfly (Self)

                                                                   Blue (Self)                           Blue Butterfly (Self)

                                                                   Seal Point (Shaded)         Blue Point (Shaded)


                                                                   Smoke Pearl (Shaded)     Siamese Sable (Shaded)


We also get many other colours come through such as:

                                                    Black & Black Butterfly

                                                      Sooty Fawn & Sooty Fawn Butterfly

                                                                   Beige (Blue Fawn) & Beige Butterfly

                                                                   Chocolate Tort & Chocolate Tort Butterfly


Check out my website and contact me with any queries or questions regarding mini lops. 

Hannalla Lops is working together with Eelah Rabbit Stud to perfect this breed. Click on the link below to Visit their website & see their beautiful bunny's. 

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